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100 Ultra Realistic Character Portraits in 4K

Bring your Game or Movie Project to the Next Level and Tell Your Story with Impressive Visuals with Box Office quality levels. High Quality to a Low Price with a Royalty-Free Commercial License. Survive the end of the world with these expertly crafted character portraits, as your audience navigate through the treacherous wasteland.

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What you get with this Pack

Infected Wasteland Pack by APIX Pro offers a selection of 100 unique character portraits in 4K resolution, available for commercial use in games and movies. These portraits can enhance the visual appearance of your upcoming game and marketing content. Each character has been meticulously crafted to match the theme of an apocalyptic wasteland, fitting perfectly into any game or movie in the genre.

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  • 100 JPG format files in 4K with Ultra Crisp Details
  • Instant Download
  • Royalty-free Commercial License
  • Box Office Quality Visuals for your next project
  • Use for marketing material for Movies and Games
  • Use for In-Game Characters to add Attitude and Personality
  • Works with Unity and Unreal Engine
  • Made by Studio that works with leading brands in the Entertainment Industry
  • Custom Work available on-demand
Preview All Characters
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Characters in this Pack

You can use these character portraits for your marketing material or in-game characters to add attitude and personality to your project. We have divided the character package to even out so that there are enough options to choose from for all categories as well as genders. The 100 characters are distributed as shown below.

  • 30 Mutants
  • 20 Survivors
  • 20 Raiders
  • 15 Faction members
  • 15 Infected
  • 57 Male
  • 43 Female
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15 Infected Characters

The infection progresses through various stages, wherein those who have recently succumbed still retain some semblance of their human selves and may communicate a few words. However, those who have been infected for an extended period have been reduced to mere husks of their former identities.

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5 Factions

The package comprises 15 distinct characters that have been divided into five factions, each with its own set of unique values. Each faction is led by a designated leader and has two additional members who wear corresponding colors. The package includes transparent PNG files featuring the logos / emblems of each faction. Through this offering, your audience has the opportunity to align with a particular faction and pledge their allegiance in a post-apocalyptic setting.

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30 Unique Mutants

The package contains 30 mutants, comprising 21 males and 9 females, originating from different areas of the apocalypse. From those who hide in the sand, to those who blend in with nature, patiently waiting for their prey like a saltwater crocodile, to the colorful, active predators that hunt their prey with strength and speed. The unique mutations have made these mutants into ultimate hunters, and our team has varied the mutants as much as possible to cover all areas of your project effectively.

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20 Ruthless Raiders

The package features 20 raider characters, comprising 10 males and 10 females, each possessing their distinct and unique characteristics. These characters have been designed to include members from a larger tribe, as well as "lone wolves," all with a single purpose: to pillage everything in their path to survive, prioritizing their self-interest above all else.

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Not everyone is a killer

As the wasteland is fraught with danger from ruthless killers and mutants, there are also those who seek only to survive and live their lives in peace. This pack is designed specifically to cover all type of characters. Featuring 20 unique Survival characters split into 12 males and 8 females, ranging from young age to seasoned survivors, this pack provides a wide range of options for your game or movie. Each character is crafted with a distinct look and personality, making them perfect for adding depth and diversity to your project.

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Young & Old Characters

Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world is no easy feat, and our character selection reflects that. From grizzled veterans who have seen it all to bright-eyed youngsters ready to take on the world, our diverse set of characters spans all ages and backgrounds.

brave young heroes to Seasoned survivors

Each character has unique strengths and weaknesses, making team selection crucial to survival. Will your audience opt for the wisdom of the old guard or the energy and agility of the young? The choice is critical, but they have to remember, in this world, it's survival of the fittest.

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Male & Female Characters

Our character selection features a diverse cast of male and female survivors, each with unique skills and abilities. Your audience have to choose their team wisely and work together to navigate the post-apocalyptic world. Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world requires all hands on deck, and our character selection reflects that.

Character selection of Survivors

We feature a diverse cast of male and female survivors, each with unique skills and abilities to contribute to the team. Whether your audience needs a sharpshooter to take out raiders from afar or a medic to keep their team healthy, we've got you covered. Gender doesn't matter in the wasteland, only strength and resourcefulness. They have to work together to navigate the treacherous landscape. In this world, everyone has something to contribute, regardless of gender or any other perceived differences.

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Infected & Survivor Characters

In a world where the line between the living and the dead is blurred, your audience have to choose their team carefully. Some characters are infected, some are humans, and some are a mix. Who can they trust in your post-apocalyptic world? Survival is the ultimate goal, but it's not always clear who they can trust. Some characters are zombies, some are humans, and some are a mix of both, with varying degrees of control over their actions.

Blurred line between Infected & Survivors

The dead don't always stay dead, and the living don't always act alive. Trust is a rare commodity, and choosing the right team can mean the difference between life and death. Can your audience work with those who are different from them, or will they only trust those who are fully human? The choice is theirs, but they have to remember, in this world, nothing is as it seems.

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Make Realistic In-Game Characters and spice up dialogues

Our characters are versatile and adaptable, suitable for any game scenario. Whether you need a team for combat, exploration, or survival, our diverse character selection can meet your needs. Choose your team and conquer the post-apocalyptic world.

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Boost your Game and Marketing

Enhance your game's marketing and in-game content with our expertly crafted character pack. Engage players with a diverse selection of characters that bring depth and complexity to your post-apocalyptic world.

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